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Our Founder

As a practicing Oncologist, Dr. Raja Mudad has always had a passion for science and also skincare. It’s this passion that led him to develop a medical-grade skincare line that could help people look the way they felt and protect their largest organ (your skin) against sun damage, free radicals, oxidative stress & other factors that are consistently attacking the skin. 

Our Skincare Philosophy

Dr. Mudad is dedicated to the fact that every MudadMD Skincare product is designed using only naturally derived ingredients, so you can feel comfortable that your skin is receiving the highest level of quality. Furthermore, every MudadMD Skincare product is developed at a medical-grade strength, so that it produces the highest level of results possible. Whether you’re looking to prevent photoaging, restore an even complexion, or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, MudadMD Skincare has a product to get your skin looking healthier, brighter and tighter.   
This dedication and passion is what allows Dr. Raja Mudad to proudly provide naturally derived, science based, medical-grade skincare that is tough on wrinkles, but gentle on your skin.