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By Raja Mudad

How Long Before You Know If Your Skincare Product Is Working?

Skin Health Expert Dija Ayodele Explains Why It Pays To Persevere When You're Trying Out New Skincare

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as launching yourself into a new skincare regime, only for it not to yield the results you were expecting. That’s not to say you should abandon it though, as skin health expert and founder of Black Skin Directory Dija Ayodele explains in this video she filmed for us.

Dija, who works out of West London’s West Room Aesthetics clinic, launched her West Room Aesthetics Skin Heroes Boxes earlier this year, to simplify skincare, with each of the four boxes addressing a specific skin type (combination, oily, dry and Oily + for acne-prone skin). The boxes are packed with handpicked products from brands such as NeoStrata, Exuviance, Osmosis, and Cosmedix, all of which she uses in clinic.

Here Dija shares three tips to follow when trying out new skincare

1. Look at the consumer trials

If your new skincare haul performed consumer trials ahead of the launch, check how long it said it took for users to see a difference in their skin while using it. “Usually trials are done over a period of at least 12 weeks, so I always say 12 weeks is your guiding timeframe to decide if you think they’re working.”

“It’s common to see improvement earlier than 12 weeks, which is encouraging, but it’s best to wait for the specified amount of time. Some products take a little while longer [to show results], such as vitamin A, which can take between three and six months before you start seeing a visible improvement in your skin.”

2. Don’t chop and change your skincare products

Dipping in and out of different skincare pots confuses your skin and confuses you too, says Dija. “You don’t know what is working for your skin because you’re not giving anything long enough to work.” Perseverance is key.

3. Be wary of your skin ‘purging’

If you notice breakouts when you start using new products, this is known as a ‘purge’. Don’t write the product off though, you might have had the breakout regardless of the product. Allow your skin to acclimatise otherwise you won’t see the benefits of your new buys.